The most important thing is of course the URL (link) to the page of your online booking module. You can find the link in the following way:

1. Press "Settings"

2. Press "Calender"

3. Press "Online appointments"

4. You will find the link immediately at the top (always ends with your own ID number!)

You can now share this link with your customers in various ways.
👉 Facebook: "How do I set up the online reservation on my Facebook page?"
👉 Instagram: "How do I set up the online reservation on my Instagram account?"
👉 Smartphone: "How can customers book online with their smartphone?"
👉 Your own website: "How can I integrate the online reservation into my website?"

👉 Optios website Customers can book via the button* "book now" on your Optios mini website (you do not have to do anything, the button is already provided). If you want customers to end up on this mini website, you must of course share this link.

(You can also easily add this to the "info" of your Facebook and / or Instagram page)
👉 What is the name (URL) of my Optios website?

* For your information: The button "book now" is only visible and can be used when you online booking is active. If you disable the online booking, this button is only a "business phone number".

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