If you already have a website or have your website developed to measure, then it is interesting to also build the online reservation here. This can be done quite simply by providing a button on your website eg "make an appointment" in the main menu and having this button redirect to the link of your online booking. You can also use an iframe to integrate the online booking into your own website.

You can find the link in the following ways:
1. Press "Settings"
2. Press "Calender"
3. Press "Online appointments"
4. You can find the link directly at the top (always ends with your own ID number!)


Of course you can also easily find the link if you surf to your own online booking:


By using an iframe you can integrate the online booking instead of just referring it. In this case you use the same link to your online booking again, however:

<iframe src="https://client.optios.net/online_booking.html?/OptiosID" ></iframe>

ATTENTION ❗ This link above is only an example, make sure you use your own link to your own online booking page! (always ends with your Optios ID number!)

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