With the subscription module in the system you can on the one hand bind a customer to you because he will come back to you for a certain service or menu, on the other hand the customer is also rewarded for this because the total amount of a subscription can be cheaper than the service separately.

How do I create the subscription?
1. Go to settings


2. Select 'Customers'
3. Click on 'Subscriptions'
4. Click on create to create a new subscription
5. Indicate whether this is for a service or menu
6. Set the number of turns and the price at which you sell the subscription.
7. If you would like to change or remove a subscription, click on the square with the pencil or on the cross next to the subscription.

How do I sell the subscription to a customer?
1. Open an account in the name of the customer.
2. Click on ➕ subscription (under the bill)
3. The system also asks if you want to use the subscription for this visit.
4. Pay for the subscription with the correct payment method
5. You can now find the subscription under the 'Subscriptions' tab in the customer's customer file

How do I put a subscription turn into a customer's bill?
When the customer has booked this service, the system will automatically request this when you open the account.
You can also add a turn manually via 🔁 subscription at the top right of the bill.

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