You can not place an order.

Check if you are logged in as a person with the correct permission
You can check this at Settings> Users> click on the user> click Permissions

To place an order you have to go through a number of preparatory steps.

• Add suppliers
This can be done at Products> Suppliers> Create
• Link the suppliers to your brands
This is possible with Products> Brands. Click on a brand and appoint the right supplier.

Create and place an order.
• Format order
Click Products> Orders> Create
• You see all products that are too short already
These are products whose stock number is below the minimum number.
What is minimum and maximum stock?
• Add products with the scanner or manually via the button 'add product'
• Click on 'Place order'
• The option to send the order by mail is checked by default. You can also disable this

Always check whether the previous orders have been completed!

If a product is already in an order list, it can not be added to a new order list. It is best to review your orders. In principle, every order must have a green tick or red cross in front of it.
Blue diamond: order has been made but not yet sent:
Orange diamond: order was sent to supplier, but delivery was not confirmed.

Here you can also find the full explanation of the Products in a video:
Products full explanation [FILM]

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