How do I link products to the supplier so that these products are automatically added to an order?

To be able to place an order, you have to prepare some steps

  • Add suppliers
    This can be done at Products > Suppliers > Create
  • Link the suppliers to your brands
  • Also enter the minimum & maximum stock.
    This can be done at Products > Scan a product or click on a product
    Click on Change
    Adjust the minimum & maximum stock

What is minimum & maximum stock?

  • Minimum stock
    This is the amount of stock that should always be in your shop. When the actual stock goes below this minimum, the product will automatically be added in the next order.
  • Maximum stock
    This is the amount with which you always want to supplement or reorder.
    If a product amount has dropped below the minimum, Optios will suggest to supplement to the maximum.

Have automatic order proposals made up

When you create an order for a supplier now, an order proposal will be made automatically. You can obtain the order proposal in the following way

1. Press "Products"
2. Press "Orders"
3. Press "Create Order"
4. Choose your supplier

Now all products that are below the minimum stock will be displayed in the order proposal. Changes can be made to the automatic order proposal or extra products can be added.

Always check whether the previous orders have been completed!
If a product is already in an order list, it can not be automatically added to a new order list. It is best to review your orders. In principle, every order must have a green tick or red cross in front of it.

🔹 Blue box: order has been made but not yet sent
🔶 Orange box: order was sent to supplier, but delivery was not confirmed.

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