Do you sell products online? You can easily link your webshop with your Optios account! Attention! For the time being, this only works if you own a Shopify webshop.

You can also create a Shopify account from your Optios account if you don't already have one:
1. Settings
2. Webshop
3. Create a Shopify Account.


This is an introduction link from Shopify:

Shopify Helpcentrum

Once the Shopify account has been created, you can link it to your Optios account. This link ensures that your products, stock and inventory remain up-to-date.
1. Settings
2. Webshop
3. Enter the name of your Shopify webshop URL
4. Click on "Connect with Shopify"


Now you will have to go to Shopify apps and, find Optios and click on it to log in.
When the link has been made between our software and your Shopify account, all products that you sell will automatically be visible in your Shopify. There is a way in Shopify to hide the products you don't want to offer in the webshop. When a product is sold from the webshop, the stock in your Esthios account for that product will decrease.

❗ Attention ❗ This link is one-way, from Shopify to Esthios.
Which means that a product that you add in your Esthios account will automatically go to Shopify, but a product you create in Shopify will not be in your Esthios account. The stock itself obviously works in both directions. So if a product is sold in your webshop, the stock in your account will decrease proportionally.

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