Do you want to cancel your Optios subscription? Read below how to do this.

If you want to cancel your subscription, you must notify us in time. Optios works with a notice period of only 1 month. The minimum contract duration is 1 year and is automatically extended by the same period. You can cancel your subscription with Optios by creating a support ticket via chat or by emailing

Always include the following information:

  • Your name + first name
  • Salon name
  • Customer number (Optios ID)
  • VAT number
  • Date of cessation
  • Reason (s) of termination.
  • If it concerns a shutdown of your business, a document from the KBO as proof

If it concerns a complete termination of the business or a bankruptcy, an early termination will be accepted if a document from the KBO is also enclosed that shows that your business has shutdown. The date of deregistration / bankruptcy is taken as proof of termination for your end date of your subscription.

Example: Your subscription ends on 10-08-2020 because your subscription was activated on 10-08-2019. Please note that you cancel your subscription at least one month before the end of the contract, otherwise it will automatically be extended by one year.

How can I check the start date of my contract? You can find this date in your account via Settings - Account - Modules

Here you will find the date on which your subscription was activated.

Pay attention! You will always receive confirmation of the cancellation from Optios, stating clearly when the contract is terminated. Without this confirmation, your cancellation is not processed and your contract will continue.

Until the contract end date, you have full access to your account and billing continues. Of course we will also remain at your disposal for help with questions and problems.

You will find all legal information regarding terminations in our Terms and Conditions

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