If you have employees in your salon, you can easily register and manage their working hours via the punch clock.

How can we register our hours?
1. Go to "Human Resources" - Punch clock

2. Click by your name on "start" when you enter.
3. At the end of the day, click on "end" before you leave.

How can we manage hours? Has there been an error? Eg a wrong person clicked or you forgot to register when you entered?
Users with 'Right to manage the punch clock' can make adjustments.
You can find the rights in the user settings.
1. Click on manage at the top
2. Select the registration that you want to change
3. Adjust the start or end time by clicking on the hour and click on the green checkmark to accept
or delete the registration completely via the red cross.
4. You can also add an additional registration.

Where can the report be found?
1. Go to Reports


2. Select 'Punch clock'
3. You can enter the date from ... to ... at the top

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