If you prefer not to give your employees access to your Optios agenda from home or if they are not allowed to view the salon's agenda on the spot, you can easily block this by not communicating the password to them.

Best not save your own password in Google Chrome ("remember password for this site") on the workplace device, because otherwise another employee can just log in automatically.

If they do know the general password, or they have a previously received personal password, you can easily change it in the settings.

1. Settings
2. User
3. Password
4. Enter the new password twice and save

Helpful tip: You can assign certain rights to each employee and then set a separate password. If the employee logs in with this password, he/she can only work according to the rights he/she has. It is possible to enter a password and enable or disable the manager check mark. The manager of your salon has (probably) all rights so that he/she can view and manage everything within the system.

• Enabled manager check mark: employee can log in and he/she has access to all functions.
• Disabled manager check mark: employee can log in but he/she has NO access to all functions.

Helpful tip: If employees are allowed to view the agenda, but not to change anything, we rather recommend a synchronization of your Optios agenda with their personal agenda. This is a synchronization with a read-only function, so the employee cannot book, change or delete appointments from the shared calendar. So, it is possible to (remotely) only view the agenda. This means that employees do not have to log in with a password in your ID, they look from within their personal agenda. You can also find a useful article about this in the help center:

For Google Calender:

For Mac OS:

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