When an appointment is made online, an email confirmation is always sent.

You can choose to have our standard email that will be sent to your customers, but you can also determine the text of this email yourself.
(This is optional for appointments made by telephone or manually made by the salon)

1. Go to Settings


2. Choose Calendar
3. Go to Email templates
4. Type the text that you want. You can make use of some basic elements below the template by clicking on them, such as first name ( = [firstname] ). In that case the e-mail will automatically contain the customers first name.
5. Click on Save

The system now recognizes that the e-mail template is set up, and will send it as a standard confirmation. You can always edit the text afterwards.
If you delete the text, the standard email will be send by default.

! Pay attention:

It is necessary that the following tags are used in the text of the email confirmation:

[firstname] = first name

[date] = date of the appointment

[appointment] = services that the customer booked

[manage_appointments_button] = button so customers can see, change or cancel future appointments

! If there is no text in the e-mail template, the system will automatically send our standard confirmation text.

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