The ideal way to quickly inform your customers is through a marketing campaign. From the campaign module you choose whether you want to send an e-mail campaign or an SMS campaign.

Pay attention! You will need credits for the SMS campaign.

1. Start by entering the name of your campaign ➢ save

2. Now click on the magnifying glass behind the campaign name.

3. Next enter the customers to whom you want to send the campaign. By default, this
is set to 'all customers', but you can also apply one or more filters, with which you
can, for example, only send to the women or even women who, for example, have
done an eyelash extension.
4. Click on apply filter and then add customers. You can remove customers by
clicking on the tick next to 'add customers' or add another customer of your choice.

5. Once we have added our customers, you can set up the campaign. You can add a
photo (your logo will automatically appear on it).
6. As subject you put the title you want to give.

Note: without subject it will not be possible to send the campaign. You can provide the text as you wish.

7. You can click on preview to see what the campaign looks like.
8. Before you send, just click on check campaign. You will see the type of campaign
and how many customers you will send it to.

If you want to make a change, you can click on 'previous'.

All set and done? Send it!

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