With the automatic campaign you can:
- send a birthday email to your birthday customers
- send an email before or after each visit
- send an email before or after the first visit for new customers

You choose the automatic campaign through the marketing module.
You can send both an e-mail campaign and sms campaign, but for the sms campaign you need sms credits. Save which choice you make.

Choose which campaign you want to create, birthday or (first) visit)

The campaign is not yet active by default. You can activate it or deactivate it again via the button at the top. You can easily check the status of the mail in the overview of automatic campaigns. A green check mark shows an active campaign, a red cross means that it is inactive.

You create the campaign the way you want it to be sent and below you must indicate how many days before or after the birthday / (first) visit you want to send the e-mail.

All customers with a valid e-mail / mobile number and whose date of birth was entered will now receive an e-mail.

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