Many salons focus intensively on their statistics and in this way try to motivate their employees. However, it is not always possible to enter all data correctly at the checkout register. It is understandable that an employee has to fill in many things during checkout and may forget something. For example, the indication of who has carried out which treatment. If necessary you can correct the statistics per employee as a business manager / hairdresser. You can still adjust whom has performed a certain service after the registration of a receipt, or which employee sold which product.

However, it is very easy to correct the employee statistics via:

1. Register


2. Logbook


3.Select "select persons" at the bottom


4. Select the date at the top where the employees should be corrected per service or product, by clicking on the date or navigating through the days with the arrows left / right.


5. Choose the right employee for each service or product on the right


6. Once all employees have been correctly set, you can consult the corrected statistics again

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