You can make an appointment longer / shorter in 3 different ways.
In this article we'll explain all 3 step by step:
• Making 1 specific appointment longer / shorter
• Making the standard duration longer / shorter
• Making the duration longer / shorter for a specific employee.

• Make 1 specific appointment longer / shorter
1. Click once on the appointment itself in the calender
2. At the bottom of the appointment 2 small stripes appear.
Now click and drag, this way you'll make the duration shorter or longer

• Make the default duration longer / shorter
1. Settings

2. Activities
3. Click on the appropriate category
4. Click on the pencil (right) next to the name of the service

5. You can adjust the duration
6. Save

If you adjust the duration in the service itself, this is also automatically adjusted in the menus where the respective service is used.

• Make the duration longer / shorter for a specific employee.
1. Go to Settings
2. Go to Users
3. Click on the employee whose time you want to adjust
4. Click on 'Knowledge'
5. Display the required time in minutes at the appropriate service
6. Save

👉 If you spend 10min on a particular service (eg "blowdry"), the default time is 10min. If the trainee spends 20min on the same blowdry, you adjust this in the knowledge. When "blowdry" is booked online, with you, it will end up in your calendar with a duration of 10min. If exactly the same service is booked with the intern, the blowdry will appear in his / her calender with a duration of 20min.

Tip: Use this setting only if your employee invariably needs more / less time for a shift. If the duration is 0, the original duration of the shift is used

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