You can share the calender from your ID with another calender (with yourself, partner, employee ...).

Please note (!), This is a synchronization with a read-only function, so you cannot book, change or delete appointments from the shared calendar. This function is therefore often used to allow employees to only (remotely) view the agenda. So they do not have to log into your Optios ID.

How do you get started?
1. Settings
2. Calender
3. Calender Feed
4. Determine which agenda you want to share (with which employee)
4. Click on the logo at the top right to copy the link (copy to clipboard)
5. Send the link to the person with whom you want to share the agenda (via text message, mail ...).


This employee must use this link to add as a new agenda in his / her own private agenda.

Synchronize calendar in the Google Calendar (of employee):
1. Open Google Calendar on your computer.
2. Other agendas
3. Click Add +
4. Via URL.
5. Enter the aforementioned link of the Optios agenda
6. Click Add Calendar.

The agenda is displayed on the left under "Other calendars."
It can take up to twelve hours (!) For the changes to be visible in your Google calendar.

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