If you are temporarily absent and you do not want the customers to be able to book during these periods, you can easily add a 'block' ("absent"). You can add an "appointment note" if your block is a specific appointment (or private matter). But you can also create a specific block with a specific name. For example: "private", "lunch" "course", "representative", ... You can easily recognize private appointments in your agenda.

1. Go to settings
2. Click on "Calender"
3. Go to "calender block categories"
4. Create


5. Enter a name or description at the top.
Enter the duration below (in min!).
Give a certain color to this block.


The name of a block is not visible (online) for customers. A block appears to be an appointment online so this is shown as "full". Just like appointments, you can always adjust the duration of blocks in the agenda.

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