Sometimes customers can have questions about the e-mail traffic and contact the salon directly. In order to give your customers a quick answer or solution, we have provided a checklist to go through, together with the customer.

* At the customer's own customer card you can view the mails that the customer has received via the communication tab. You can see whether it was sent and whether or not it was received. If it is here as delivered, then it is actually delivered, but possibly in the spam / unwanted mail. The customer can indicate that the e-mails they have received can no longer be judged as spam.

1. Press "Customers"
2. Find a customer and select him or her
3. Press "Communications"


* Is the e-mail address correctly entered in the customer card?

* Is the "Send e-mails" checkbox selected at the bottom of the customer card?

* Is it checked to send a reminder? You can check this via
Settings - Calendar - E-mail reminders - Check, enter time - Save

* Is your e-mail filled in in your account. You can check this via
settings - Account - General - Complete e-mail - Save

* Is it not an online appointment? For telephone appointments you can also send an e-mail, but that must be turned on in the following way:
Settings - Calendar - General - Send appointment confirmation to the customer via e-mail for telephone appointments to be checked - save

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