Menus make it convenient for customers to book online. Menus are a pre-composed package of different services, usually at a more favorable price than taking all services separately. It also ensures a certain clarity and ensures that fewer errors occur in the planning. For example, it is not possible to book a hand drying service first, and then it will be cut when you start working with preset menus.

Our online reservation tool allows by default that additional services can be added to a menu. For most salons this is useful, because a manicure can be added to a menu "cut ladies". Usually it is not desirable that all services are displayed when customers themselves have to be able to add an extra service. To offer only a limited selection of services as an extra in the online menus, proceed as follows

1. Press "Settings"
2. Press "Services"
3. Press one of the categories of services
4. Press the three dots to the right of the name of the service
5. Uncheck the "Online" checkbox
6. Press "Save"

Repeat the above steps for all services that you do not wish to display for the customers who book online.

Now for some salons such as a barber, this option is not desirable and no extra services can be booked online on top of an existing menu. In that case the "add extra service" button can be completely hidden on the online appointment module via:

1. Press "Settings"
2. Press "Agenda"
3. Press "Online appointments"
4. Uncheck the box "Select additional services after selecting a menu"
5. Press "Save" at the bottom

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