The following steps must be in order for your online bookings to proceed successfully. You will also find an article for these steps in our help center to help you understand if necessary:

Settings - Users - per employee:
* Is all knowledge checked?
* Have you entered all work hours? work hours = the hours during which you can be booked online
* Permissions: Is the user visible online?

Settings - activities - click category - open service via square with pencil
* services duration entered?
* services checked to show online?
* are customers allowed to choose which employee performs the service?

Settings - menus - Scroll through categories until you see the actual menu of services:
* Was the menu created?
* Are all the services of the menu included?
* Are the services in the correct order?

Settings - Calender - Open online appointments
* Check online appointments at the very top + save at the bottom
* go through the settings and set them to your liking.
* The setting 'Days that are indicated as inactive on the online booking' is only for days on which no working hours were created to show it in gray instead of with red dots (full) to show that no online bookings can be made on that day turn into.
Always save new settings at the bottom!

Everything is ready, now you want your online booking module to be available to your customers.
For this, it is best to follow the articles in the help center:
You will find the articles under the titles:
Via Website: "How can I build the online reservation into my website?"
Via Facebook: "How do I set up the online reservation on my Facebook page?"
Via Instagram

If you open your online booking, a "Book now online" button will also be immediately available on your Optios mini-website.

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